Inheritance Scams: A Distant Relative Left You Millions, Just Give Your Banking Info to Get It

Contacted About a Long-Lost Relative’s Inheritance? Hold On a Minute!

The FTC has been getting reports of people getting letters in the mail from a law firm. They are, they say, looking for the heir of a multi-million-dollar inheritance. And they think it might be you.

(Spoiler Alert: It’s Not.)

Big inheritance from a long lost relative? It's a scam.Here’s what they offer: they’ll split the inheritance between you, their law firm, and some charities. One other thing: they say you have to keep this information secret and reach out to them by email — immediately.

So what’s really happening?

This is not a lawyer — it’s a scammer. And if you email them, they’ll probably try to get your personal information, like your Social Security or bank account numbers, your money — or both.

And that inheritance? It doesn’t exist.

Here’s what to do if you get one of these letters:
    • Don’t respond. Keep your money — and your information — to yourself. Never send money or information to a stranger who promises big rewards. That’s always a scam.
    • Pass this information on to a friend. You probably throw away these kinds of letters. But you probably know someone who could use a friendly reminder.
    • Report it to the FTC at