Know Your Del Webb Lakewood Ranch CERT Zone

Del Webb Lakewood Ranch CERT Zone Map

Del Webb Lakewood Ranch CERT zone map 2023Del Webb CERT divides our community into 8 CERT zones to aid in assessing damage in the aftermath of an emergency. Trained CERT members are assigned to the zone where they live positioning them to assist the neighbors and friends they are most familiar with.

Please consider joining CERT especially if you live in Zones 2, 6, and 8 where we have the least coverage.

Here’s a breakdown of how many trained CERT members we have in each zone:

Zone 1 – 7 CERT members
Zone 2 – 2 CERT members
Zone 3 – 6 CERT members
Zone 4 – 3 CERT members
Zone 5 – 8 CERT members
Zone 6 – 1 CERT members
Zone 7 – 6 CERT members
Zone 8 – 0 CERT members

Click the link below to view the latest PDF of the CERT Zone Map for Del Webb. The PDF file will open in a new tab and you will be able to download it and save it.

Another important first step in Hurricane Preparedness is connecting yourself with Alert Manatee. Why not click the link and do it now?

Download your PDF of the: Del Webb Lakewood Ranch CERT zone map 2023

“Del Webb Lakewood Ranch CERT is your Help before the Help arrives.”