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CERT Monthly Safety Tips

Make a Home Inventory Video

Living in Florida, there are numerous disasters that can occur: tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, etc. These disasters could involve damage to personal property and could, sadly, result in a complete loss.

Insurance provides some financial assistance toward replacement of your losses, but you will still need to provide a detailed list of EVERY ITEM you are claiming.

Take Videos With Your Phone

Using your smartphone is a good way to get your video inventory.

Take a video of each individual room instead of one, long video:

  • Open all drawers, cupboards, and film under sinks.
  • Open closets and stored boxes (or mark boxes clearly with contents).
  • Make sure to include the garage.
  • Take a video of the lanai and the rest of the outside of your house as well.

Set a date on your calendar each year to update videos. Waiting until you’re preparing for a potential disaster and getting ready to evacuate is not the time to be taking the videos.

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