Women’s Club Fashion Show Generates $4,105 Donation to CERT

Del Webb Lakewood Ranch’s Women’s Club held a Fashion Show fundraiser that generated a donation of $4,105 to the Del Webb Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

“The CERT team is proud to be the recipient of this donation from the Del Webb Women’s Club fashion show,” said CERT Board President Howard Malis. “They said that they wanted to donate directly to the Del Webb community this year. With this money, we are able to equip our team with medical supplies for the benefit of all our residents.”

The Del Webb Lakewood Ranch CERT team is here to assist the community in case of emergency. CERT emphasizes that community preparedness is a key priority to lessening the impact of any disaster. It is critical that all community members take steps to prepare in advance of an event.

CERT communicates with first responders in the event of a communication failure caused by an emergency, because emergency services personnel will not always be able to help everyone immediately. Malis continued, “We hope our team can make a difference by using CERT training to save lives and protect property.”