CERT Incident Commander

Readiness Condition

CERT Incident Commander Tasks

Readiness Condition 6 – Training

  • Develop, prepare, and execute training for the Del Webb CERT team.

Readiness Condition 5 – Awareness

Readiness Condition 4 – Preparation

  • Notify Activation Manager of evacuation intentions and identify a substitute if evacuating.

Readiness Condition 3 – Standby

  • Convene a meeting of all members who have indicated that they will participate in the activation.

Readiness Condition 2 – Alert

  • Review the Incident Response Plan and preform radio checks with activating teams.

Readiness Condition 1 – Activate

  • Coordinate activation of all teams and provide updates to Manatee County as required.
  • Establish an accountability system to track all members and the Assignment Tracking Log (CERT Form 3).