CERT Team Captain

Readiness Condition

CERT Team Captain Tasks

Readiness Condition 6 – Training

  • Inventory, restock, and organize Team Kits.
  • Hold quarterly team meetings to engage team members.

Readiness Condition 5 – Awareness

  • Ensure rapid access to Team Kits and that they are fully stocked.

Readiness Condition 4 – Preparation

  • Contact Team Members and determine activation intentions.
  • If evacuating, notify Activation Manager.

Readiness Condition 3 – Standby

  • Sign out radios and other equipment for their Zone Members ICS 303.

Readiness Condition 2 – Alert

  • Identify an assembly point for their team and expected time of assembly.
  • Ensure that communications go out to all members of the zone.

Readiness Condition 1 – Activate

  • Ensure that no member acts alone.
  • Maintain a log of actions taken using the Team Action Log.
  • Compile all documentation and forward to the Incident Commander and restock Team Kits.